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1. Venue and date

1.1. The International Philatelic Exhibition BALKANFILA 2016 has the aim to develop and consolidate the friendship and cooperation between the Societies and philatelists from the Balkan region and more widely. The exhibition will be held at the National Gallery Of Arts – city of Tirana , Albania.
1.2. The exhibition will open on Thursday , 5 may 2016 in the afternoon and close on Monday, 9 may 2016 before noon.

2. Organization and support

2.1. The exhibition will be open on the day of 103rd Anniversary of the first Albanian postage stamp.
2.2. BALKANFILA 2016 is organized by the Association of Collectors of Albania with the support of Albanian Post.
2.3. The Exhibition is under the Honorary Patronage of Mr. Ilir Meta Chairman of the Assembly of the Republic of Albania.
2.4. BALKANFILA 2016 will be held under the Recognition of the Federation of European Philatelic Associations / FEPA /.
2.5. Albanian Post is main Sponsor of BALKANFILA 2016.
2.6. The official language of the exhibition is English language.

3. Regulations

3.1. For BALKANFILA 2016 the following regulations will apply:
   a) FIP Regulations (GREX) and FEPA Regulations for Exhibitions /FREGEX/
   b) General Regulations for the Evaluation of Competitive Exhibits at FIP Exhibitions /GREV/
   c) Special Regulations for the Evaluation of Competitive Exhibits at FIP Exhibitions /SREVs/
   d) The exhibits "One Frame" will be subject of Guidelines for Judging one Frame Exhibits at FIP Exhibitions.
   e) Exhibits in "Open Philately" will be subject of Guidelines on judging Open Philately.
   f) Balkanfila Working group Exhibition Regulations(BWGER).
   g) Special Regulations for BALKANFILA 2016.

4. Classification of the exhibits

A. Non-Competitive Classes:
Class A.1 Official Class
             a) Postal museum
             b) Jury class – Exhibits from jurors of BALKANFILA 2016.
              2. Other non-competitive classes

B. Competitive classes:
Class B.1. Traditional Philately
          B.2. Postal History
          B.3. Thematic Philately
          B.4. Maximaphily
          B.5. Revenue
          B.6. Open Philately
          B.7. Postal Stationery
          L.1 Philatelic Literature – Books and special studies
          L.2 Philatelic Literature – Catalogues
          L.3 Philatelic Literature – Periodicals
          L.4 Philatelic Literature – Articles of general nature.
          Y.1 Youth philately – Ege * of exhibitor 10 – 15 years
          Y.2 Youth Philately – Ege* of exhibitor 16 – 18 years
          Y.3 Youth Philately – Ege* of exhibitor 19 – 21 years
                                             Ege* on January 1, 2016.
Note : "One Frame " exhibits will not be classified any more in a special class. They are part of every competitive class.

5. Participants

5.1. All philatelists with permanent residence in one of countries included in Balkanfila Working Group and foreign philatelists who are members of respective Societies in this Group; Invited countries/Federations: Cyprus as guest.
In Literature class participation is open to exhibitors of FEPA countries without restriction on the subject.
5.2. Exhibits in the competitive classes must have achieved a minimum of 70 points or awarded with vermeil medal at an exhibition of national level. The commissioner confirms the quality of the new exhibits.
5.3. No more than two exhibits at the exhibition per individual – one exhibit for two different Classes . For class "Literature" there are no restrictions. In philatelic Literature class the exhibits must have been published/issued after:
• 1 January 2011 for handbooks or special studies (class L1)
• 1 January 2014 for remaining entries (classes L2,L3.L4)
5.4. All exhibits must have been the property of the exhibitor for at least 2 years before the exhibition.

6. Applications and Acceptance

6.1. The entry form is to be accompanied by a photocopy of the introductory sheet of the exhibit and sent to the respective national Commissioner.
6.2. The entry form will be sent by the national Commissioner to the Organizing Committee not later than January 5, 2016.
6.3. Exhibits must be entered under the correct classification. The Jury reserves the right to reassign the incorrectly classification. No exhibit can be entered in more than one class. The contents of the exhibits must be in accordance with the moral and ethical standards as well as the public peace in the Republic of Albania.
6.4. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to reject any exhibit without assigning any reason for rejection.
6.5. Every exhibit accepted will be listed in the official exhibition catalogue under its given title as stated in the entry form, and with a short description.
6.6. The list of accepted exhibits ought to be sent to the national commissioner not later than February 5, 2016 for having enough time to inform the exhibitors and to collect the entry fees and send them back to the address indicated by the Organizing Committee not later then April 5,2016.

7. Participation fees

7.1. The participation fee in competitive classes is 20 euro in one frame, excluding youth classes . There are no fees for exhibits in youth class. The fee for every title in Class "Literature" is 20 euro. Participation fees are not refundable.

8. Frame allocation and sizes

8.1. There will be approximately 400 hundred frames for the competitive classes measured 1000x1200 mm2. One frame holds 16 sheets measured DIN A4/210x297mm2/
8.2. The sheets will be mounted in four rows of four. Each sheet must be placed in a transparent protective cover.
8.3. Multiple size sheets may be accommodated but must be noted on the entry forms and in co-operation with the Organizers.
8.4. Philatelic literature will be displayed in special exhibition cabinets or in halls to be at visitor's disposal.
8.5. The Organizing Committee will decide on the allocation of frames in the non competitive Classes.
8.6. In the competitive classes the allocation of frames is as following:
     - 8 frames to those exhibits awarded a Large Vermeil medal at FIP/FEPA exhibitions;
     - 5 frames for other exhibits awarded a lower medal, including first time international appearance.
      "Youth Class" – Every country can have maximum 5 frames in this class.
8.7 Every member country will have at his disposal 30 frames. If any member does not use all of his frames then Organizing Committee will offer remaining frames to another member.

9. Presentation of exhibits

9.1. All exhibits must be mounted on white or light colored sheets.
9.2. Exhibits mounted on dark colored or black sheets will not be accepted.

10. Commissioners

10.1. Every country must appoint a Commissioner for every Balkanfila Exhibition. Responsibilities and privileges of Commissioners are those appointed in articles 25 and 28 of GREX.

11. Jury

11.1. Jury will be composed from appointed jurors from Balkanfila members. No more than 2 members of the jury can be from the separate country.
11.2. Jurors' privileges will be in accordance with article 28 of GREX.

12. Awards

12.1. Prises will be awarded by International Jury. Jurors will use appropriate FIP regulations (SREV) for all exhibition classes.
12.2. Awards for the exhibits of Competitive Classes. BALKANFILA 2016 will be the first rank exhibition, so the awards will be made according to the following points:
     - Gold medal                   ( 85 – 100 points)
     - Large Vermeil medal     ( 80 – 84 points)
     - Vermeil medal               ( 75 – 79 points)
     - Large Silver medal         ( 70 – 74 points)
     - Silver medal                   ( 65 – 69 points)
     - Silver Bronze medal       ( 60 – 64 points)
     - Bronze medal                 ( 55 - 59 points)
     - Diploma                         ( ≤ 54 points )
The awards will be accompanied with certificates.
Medals are from base metal, the same for all awards.
12.3. Every country member of the Balkanfila Working Group is welcomed to donate one Special Prize ; it will be put at the jury disposal to award exhibitor for originality, new treatment etc.
12.4. Organizing Committee will provide Balkanfila Grand Prix. This Special Prize will be given by decision of the jury during Palmares Ceremony by the President of the Balkanfila Working Group.

13. Delivery and Return of the Exhibits

13.1. All exhibits must be sent in envelopes specially provided by the Organizing Committee. Each sheet must be numbered and enclosed in a transparent protective cover closed by three sides. Expert certificates may when the exhibiter feels it necessary, be placed behind the sheet inside the protective cover. The numbering will be continuous and placed in any of the frontal lower corners.
13.2. Exhibits in the class "Literature" must be provided in advance in duplicate within April 5, 2016.Exhibits in the Class "Literature" will not be returned.
13.3. All expenses in connection with sending of exhibit shall be paid by the exhibitor. The exhibits will be returned to the exhibitors by the way they are sent.
13.5. The Organizing Committee recommends the exhibits to be delivered and returned by the National Commissioners.

14. Insurance and security

14.1. Every exhibitor must insure at his own expense the exhibit presented to BALKANFILA 2016.
14.2. The Organizing Committee of BALKANFILA 2016 will take the appropriate measures to safeguard the handling and display of exhibits, from their arrival until their return.
14.3. The Organizing Committee of BALKANFILA 2016 and their employees, whether they are paid or voluntary, will not be liable for any loss or damage to an exhibit from the time of receipt to its return.
14.4. For all legal questions arising between the Organizing Committee of BALKANFILA 2016 and the exhibitors the Laws of the Republic of Albania shall apply exclusively.

15. Customs

15.1. Special instructions concerning custom Regulations for export and import of exhibits shall be sent to the national Commissioners.
15.2. Exhibitors must deliver to their national Commissioners together with their entries, a list or inventory, indicating in every sheet the number of stamps or postal items and their value.

16. About the Organizing Committee

16.1. The Organizing Committee of BALKANFILA 2016 reserves the right to change the present regulations. In such case exhibitors will be informed of any modification at once.
16.2. By signing the final entry form, every exhibitor accepts these Special Regulations for BALKANFILA 2016.
16.3. The interpretation and solution of those questions not included in the present Regulations, are up to the Organizing Committee of BALKANFIALA 2016 decision, and that decision will be final.
16.4. In case of discrepancy or disagreement which could not be solved in a friendly way between the parties, the place of jurisdiction shall be Tirana City Court.

Addresses for correspondence:

Organizing Committee of BALKANFILA 2016
P.O.Box 2972
Tirana – 1001
========= • =========
BALKANFILA 2016 The chairman of Organizing Committee and General Commissioner
Vasil Xhitoni
Bul."Zogu i I" , P.62 , Shk. 1 , Ap.4
Tirana - 1016
Tel : ++35542234020
Cel : ++355 69 235 9988
========= • ==========
BALKANFILA 2016 Secretary
Edmond Budo
P.O.Box 1542
Tirana – 1001
Cel : ++355 69 295 9922
========== • ==========
Address of Balkanfila working Group consultant
Bojan Bracic
Statentova 6
SI – Maribor
NOTE: In the event of deviations attributable to differences in the various language versions of this Special Regulations of BALKANFILA 2016 the Albanian version is binding.